Teams I Hate...

A list of the teams I hate in order of level of hate:

1 - Dodgers.
Enough said...
2 - Yankees
A's used to be here, but now that I have to put up with everyone in NY's bullshit, the Yankees have actually come surprisngly close to the Dodgers in terms of level of my hatred.
3 - A's
With them in the Bay Area they create an unneccesary competition for attendance, they beat us in the World Series I attended, their fans piss me off, they play in a crappy stadium, and they want to move to San Jose. I don't want a competing team I hate in my hometown. Plus the American League is gay.
4 - Braves
The best regular season in recent memory (1993) was spoiled because of the Braves. I hate Bobby Cox, John Smoltz, and I hate their cocky attitudes.
5 - Angels
They're in the OC, which sucks, and they beat us in our most recent World Series. That Rally Monkey can lick my balls.
6 - Red Sox
I don't really know why I hate them now. Maybe it's because they win. I basically think they get too much press and play. I love Wakefield though.
7 - Marlins
They have kicked our asses in the Division series twice. Both teams were mercinary type teams that sold off a lot of their talent at the end of the year. They're an expansion team. They don't deserve two World Series rings.
8 - Padres
I really don't hate them. They just annoy me. They think they have a rivalry with us. They don't. They think they have a rivalry with the Dodgers. They Don't. They just think they are more important than they really are. No offense to Tony Gwynn, but the Padres and their history are worthless.
9 - Diamondbacks
I actually rooted for the Yankees in the 2001 World Series. I was pissed when the D'Backs won on a bloop single off the best closer of that year. Again, they are too young to receive a World Series ring. It's a bastardization of the game to have a team that is less than 5 years old to win a World Series over the most storied franchise in the history of pro sports. But, we OWN them everytime we play them, including back in the first Randy Johnson era.

More Later...

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