Lunatic Fringe = Broken Record

The following comment comment is lifted from the Tony Clark diary:

    Re: Seriously, why all the hatin' on Tony   Clark?
    He's thirty F*ing five years old...that's why all the hatin'. One more season of Sabean's     LIES! about going with youth. One more season of patching a team together with     people that will be out of baseball in '10. One more season of not finding someone under thirty     to man one GODDAMN position on this team. Clark might help the Giants go 72-90     instead of 70-92. F*ing typical Sabean.

  While, perhaps, overstating the position of the 'Fringe,' it still seems to typify the Fringe response to anything and everything Sabean does.  This response is not only tired, but it is inaccurate and, George Bush-like, ignores all the inconvenient facts and trots out as truth the same tired assumptions and conclusions.  So, some facts are in order:

  1)  The team has cut ties with at least 5 older players in less than a year:  Feliz (33), Klesko (37), Benitez (34), Bonds (dirt), Atchison (32)
  2)  Less precise (because of 25 man vs 40 man issues), the team has added several young players within the last year: Frandsen (27), Rowand (30), Davis (27), Ort (27), Lewis (27), Schierholtz (24).
  3) Neither Sabean nor Magowan have ever said the team was going to get "young."  They have said they are going to get younger and healthier.  On its face, looking at no's 1 & 2 above, that statement is happening.  We have a young pitching staff, 2b (or is it 3b) in Frandsen, 1b in Ort, and backups in the OF who have a chance to play themselves into the lineup.  

  I don't think anyone can complain about our OF.  We have two 27 year old starting IFs.  

  Is it fair to be disappointed in the lack of movenent/improvement at 1b and 3b?  Of course.  But, while Sabean gets routinely raked, the suggestions offered on here are comical in the breadth and depth of how unrealistic they are.  Sure there are certain players some Fringites would like.  But where is the indication that any of these players are actually available?  And, more importantly, available at the prices you all are proposing?  [ie, why in the hell would Cinci give us Encarnacion for Lowry?  How is that a good trade for them?  Where is there any indication that Cinci is looking to trade this lazy, stone handed, bad attitude?]

Anyway, there are definitely numerous improvements that have been made to the team, just in the past year.  Once, of course, is assembling a very young and very good SP staff.  Second is the development of several current RP staff pitchers and RPs in the system on the verge of being able to help.  Three, is that the team has, while not on a straight, unvariable line, gotten younger and healthier - and amny other contracts are about to run out.    

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