Players I'm irritated that we're not in on

I've discovered a hazard to my career. I waste, like, a lot of time reading websites that offer news, rumors, and speculation about all the maneuvering being done behind the scenes by all of the major league teams. Sites like, probably the biggest time suck on the intarnet.

I keep seeing names pop up there that the Giants could use, but we're not even talking to their teams. F'r instance, here's one from yesterday:

Haudricourt is "starting to get some vibes" that the Brewers have their eye on Hank Blalock. The 27 year-old third baseman hit .293/.358/.543 in limited duty this year. He's locked up affordably - $5.95MM in '08 and a $6.2MM club option for '09. Would Dave Bush and a decent pitching prospect cut it?

We could use a guy like Blalock. Now, I for one think that Noah Lowry compares favorably to Dave Bush, and lord knows we have plenty of decent pitching prospects. I'm not saying that the Rangers would want to make either deal, or even that they're shopping Blalock around. I'm fully aware that most trade rumors on the net are worth the electrons they're printed on.

But wouldn't it be nice to hear that Brian Sabean is actually interested in something other than trading our best young pitchers, or signing overpriced FA outfielders to desperately long contracts?

Here's another name, from another site ( Matt Murton. Outfielder for the Cubs, who didn't really have room for him after they signed Soriano last year. 3 years of service time, where his numbers are .296/.365/.455. The website says:

However, I am hearing that the Padres are interested in reopening talks with the Cubs about Mark Prior and Matt Murton. This would probably be only if the Cubs land Kosuke Fukudome, and if the Padres feel Murton can play everyday. Murton has great power and could probably handle an everyday job, but his numbers might not fair well at PETCO Park.

Sabes, this is why you're looking at two more years of last-place ball, followed by your ignominious termination. Your division competitors have a better handle on talent, theirs and others, than you do. Please remember that long after you're gone, we fans will still be here, wondering whether the Giants or Niners will be the next team to break .500.

(At this point I prepare to hit 'Submit' for my first McCovey Chron diary, silently mouthing the same prayer said by all first-timers: Christ, I hope I didn't fuck up the formatting . . . )

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