OT: Fun With Netflix

I wasn't going to post this for a while, but I'm under the strong impression that we might be able to use a few OT Diaries right now, what with all the indictment this and clinton that, and since I am pitifully unable to contribute to the popular, fun, and powerful Office Threads (McCovey Chronicles: A Giants and The Office Blog, anybody?). So i'm posting it. Please, escape into the loving arms of my NetFlix Queueueue!

The game is simple. At minimum post the next ten things in your NetFlix Queue. For my purposes, I'm not counting "blah blah disc 2-end" if I have a TV show or miniseries on there, for the obvious reasons.

Embelish if you want. I think I will, certainly.

Currently at home I have Eddie Izzard: Unrepeatable. I loves me some Izz. The next ten, as follows:

  • Howl's Moving Castle - I'm finally giving it a chance. It better not suck.
  • Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind - More Miyazaki: see above.
  • Porco Rosso - Yeah, it's a whole Hiyao Miyazaki thing. This one I'm really excited about, though. Pilot turns into a pig, story sort of becomes a picaresque after that. Interesting WW backdrop. What's not to like!
  • Tokyo Godfathers: Yeah, it's a whole anime thing. Japanese 2-D animation is much more exciting to me in general than american 2-D animation. The quality, the improvements, and the volume are all much greater. I'm trying to dive headfirst here after spending the last year or so wandering around the edge of the pool dipping my feet in every now and then going "I'm still not used to this water yet." And Satoshi Kon might be the best up there in Japanese animation. I saw Perfect Blue, and had very mixed/very disturbed feelings about it, and I saw Millenium Actress, which is a great movie in any medium. Tokyo Godfathers is next, and eventually Paprika.
  • Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad: Hey, anime doesn't just come in movie flavors! And this short 3 disc series is about a young rock band! I've heard extremely good things, and I hope it fulfills them.
  • Tsunami: The Aftermath: I know, it's all about Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke, and I REALLY should see the second disc of that before I move on to things where people are ACTING, but I gots the Chiwetel Ejiofor fever, and the only cure is more Chiwetel Ejiofor. The man is an acting maniac. I even liked Kinky Boots because of him.
  • The Wind that Shakes the Barley: Oh, Cillian Murphy. Oh, Irish Civil War. How I love thee. Well, I guess the war kind of sucked. But this is straight Cillian Murphy love. Well, it's straight for now, anyway....
  • Tickets: Normally I don't care for the whole "3 directors making 3 short movies put together to make one kind of movie" thing. 3 Extremes, as an example, was not worth my time. This one seems pretty interesting, though. The train/traincar/travel motifs are some of the richest I know for examining people, and it doesn't hurt that these stories directed by 3 different guys seem to be interconnected, from what I can tell (like, it says so in the description).
  • F*ck: A documentary about the most versatile nasty word in the English Language. Even if it sucks, I should get a worthwhile laugh.
  • Maxed Out: A documentary on personal and national debt. As a vaguely cautious credit carder over the last few years (debt scares me, and I'm already in way over my head thanks to School, but a credit history is absolutely necessary) I'm just interested to see what this has to say.
  • I really can't wait to be in the mood for my Horror Movie wave. I'm not quite there yet, but Severance, Hatchet, Black Sheep, Isolation, The Host, and The Frighteners are all my list just waiting for me to hit that mood.

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