OT: Warrior Trade, Part II

(Forgive me, but the previous Warriors diary slipped down to archive hell.)

The last time around there were differing opinions on whether this trade is good for the Warriors.  After seeing the new guys' debut, I'm more enthused.  One game doth not a trade justify, but watching Harrington and Jackson run the floor and play with quickness on D gave me a renewed hope for the playoffs.

In thinking more about the trade, breaking it down to a series of individual trades based on highest upside makes it easier to decide whether the trade was good for GSW.

Diogu for Harrington:
Diogu has ability around the basket, but is more suited to the a post-up half-court game.  He might end up being the best player of the trade, but because he doesn't run well and lacks the aggressiveness rebounding and playing D, I don't think he'd flourish under Nelson.  Harrington, runs well, showed he can handle the ball on the break, has quickness and surprised me Saturday night with how much he looked to pass.  (He missed a bunch of shots, but I never felt I was watching a ball hog.)  Harrington looks like a better fit for the Warriors to me. Trade grade: B (looks good for both teams)

Jackson for Murphy:
This one is easy from an ability standpoint.  Jackson clearly brings more to the table and has a rare combination of size and quickness whereas Murphy is much more limited.  As above, I don't think Murphy would ever do well in Nellie's system.  The wildcard, of course, is Jackson's mental state.  From his saying all the right things to the media and fans to truly being excited about playing in a new offense to appearing to understand he's been given another chance, it appears Mullin was right when he said Jackson is ready to move forward.  I'm also hopeful that Baron's leadership helps keep him in check.  I'm nore he Indiana had that presence that Jackson respected.  Time will tell. Trade Grade B (A if Jackson doesn't blow up, D if he does.)

Dunleavy vs. Sarunas:
Both players were bench players.  I like this trade because Sarunas gives the team a true backup PG.  (Ellis is sort of a tweener not ready to run the offense.) He also brings dimensions the team could use; outside shooting and running the pick-and-roll.  Dunleavy's lack of shooting consistency and inability to create shots has him far behind Richardson, Pieturs, Ellis, Barnes and now Jackson in what he brings to the offense.  He might be a nice compliment to a good team, but his salary demanded that he make much more of a contribution.  His contract had to go.  With the crowd demanding his head on a platter, he needed a change more than anyone.  Trade grade: A-

McLeod for Powell:
The throw-ins won't impact the results of the trade, but Powell gives them abother bigger body on a team that's loaded with guys 6'7" and smaller.  Therefore, he has more of a chance of meaing something to the team.  McLeod's strength (outside shooting) was replaced with Sarunas.  Trade grade: B

I'll give Mullin a solid B+.  If Jackson goes the rest of the season without any major incidents, it goes to A-.  If he goes his Warriors career without an implosion, it's an A/A+.

Looking forward to watching them tonight with Baron running the show. Thoughts?

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