Here's Why "No" to Ellison

Ellison has no baseball sense.  

Jon Miller's description of one particularly egregious example was captured in the gameday post here:  I think the description also left out him saying, "This is astounding!"

But this was just the cherry on top of what a number of posters here noted last season when Ellison was on the big club, that he stole bases because of raw speed, not because of any good baserunning sense.

So I still don't see why anyone would want to give Ellison a bigger role with the Giants.  Here's one of the biggest games of the year, at one of the biggest moments of the year and the game, he's the tying run at 2B with two strikes on the batter and he's looking down at his feet when the pitcher is throwing to the batter.  

That's something you see at a Little/PONY League game with young kids playing, that's not something you would ever want to see in the minors, let alone the major leagues, let alone at a critical time like that was.

And some here have posited that Ellison is young and therefore has a better chance of learning and therefore the Giants shouldn't have gotten Finley this season and instead just DFA Edgardo.  

But just because a player is young does not mean that he will ever learn to hit and run better.  I think we have learned that with all the young hitters who have come up the Giants farm system and fizzled along the way, from Randy Elliott to Rich Murray to David Green to Rikert Fineyte to Benji Simonton to Mark Decker to Jesse Reid to Rick Lancellotti to Damon Minor to Cody Ransom.  Youth does not equate to potential to get better, sometimes a player has peaked already.

And there are signs that Ellison has possibly peaked already.  The first time around the league, the player sometimes has the advantage but then the pitchers adjust, so one baseball publication notes that 2nd half performance is often a good indicator of future performance.  Ellison's 2005 does not divide evenly but adding his stats from June to the end of the season, his batting line is .236/.291/.279/.571 (And June is the best of month of the remaining season).

And FYI, some have mistakenly noted that the Giants ended up paying more for Finley than Alfonzo - this is false according to the contracts I have seen.  Both get $7M salary for the 2006 season.  The $1M buyout that people have noted for Finley as above what the Giants pay for Alfonzo is matched by the $1M bonus that Alfonzo was due this season and presumably paid for by the Angels at the start of this season.

All taken together, I don't see why anyone would want Ellison to have taken a bigger role with the Giants in 2006.

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