First Salem-Kaizer game

Well, it was opening day for the S-K Volcanoes and as a result finally a bit of excitement from Giants minor league ranks.

1B William Thompson 2-3 2BB 2RBI

I was dissapointed at the beginning of this year not to see Thompson on Augusta's roster given his performance last year. Was he held back in  S-K because of injuries or just because the Giants didn't think he was ready?

DH Adam Witter 3-4 1 2B 2 HR 1BB 4RBI

Wow! nice welcome to the pro's debut. A few questions about this kid.

  1. Are the Giants planning on bringing him up as a 1B, C or OF. Given his numbers in college, especially his respectable power numbers and pitch recognition, 14 HR, .404 OBP 41 BB & 44 K's this year for ECU his greatest value of course would be at Catcher which is the position he's listed as on the S-K roster, in the OF mobility is obviously a question, I've never seen him so I don't know how he moves.
  2. How did we aquire Witter? Was he drafted in this last draft? I couldn't find his name on the draft list.
Regardless this kid is definitely bound for the show, where he will undoubtedly win many triple crowns, cure cancer and solve world hunger.

RF Thomas Neal 2-5 1R

Only 18 years old, anyone know anything about him?

SS Brian Bocock 3-3 1BB 1R 2RBI

Not bad but I was hoping to see Burriss, I guess he was in San Francisco for the day.

SP Craig Whitaker 4 IP 2H 1ER 3BB 3K

Not a bad Rehab start, hopefully he'll get healthy and move quickly.

P Kelvin Pichardo (Win) 3IP 1H 2BB 5K

How did we aquire this guy from the Phllies? Does anyone know anything about him? 5K's in 3 innings, how live is his arm?

Other Notes and Thoughts:

Periera made his first start for Fresno and was hit pretty hard, though he faired better than most of the pitchers in Fresno, I don't know why they picked him over Misch, maybe San Jose's proximety to Fresno in comparison to Connecticuts, though I would like to see Periera in AA and Misch in AAA.

I don't know how many of you caught Sportcenter today but they showed a pretty good catch by Oregon State's CF Tyler Graham in the CWS drafted by the Giants in the 19th round 566th overall. Maybe a sleeper picked with the Giants first opportunity on the 2nd day.

Congratulations to Matt Cain who single handedly won the game today and who pitched one of the finest games I've ever seen...Am I the only one who is sick of these redundant "Cain is Able" headlines? I put it to you Grant, as a better writer than most of the dregs getting paid the big bucks to watch and write about baseball give me something original!

Well that's all I got! Thanks in advance for your responces.

GO GIANTS! ...I have a man-cruh on Matt Cain.

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