Minor league movements

Argh, I am so extremely frustrated with the Giants in the midst of this four game losing streak that I have turned most of my already misguided attention to the minors and have been met, unfortunately with even more frustrations.
Why are the Giants not giving promotions to players performing and demoting those who are struggling?
Is it because of an apathetic outlook on thier minor league system or some sort of strategy I simply don't understand?
Anyway here is a list I put together of some of the moves I think should be made. To allow some of these players to be promoted one could take thier pick of one of the many underperforming players at the next level to demote.

Roster Changes:


Release - Tim Worrell (I love him, I haven't forgotten how good he was for us a few years ago but I think he's done)
Sign - Russ Ortiz (to a minor league contract, I love him always have, always will)
Trade - Todd Green (we can make this trade whether we are in contention or not, I like Green, he's done a tremendous job off the bench but Alfonzo is capable of the same thing and Green might have some value)
Trade - Ray Durham (if we fall off the map)


Call Up - Jack Taschner (2.53 ERA 26 strikeouts in 21.1 innings although his hits given up is a bit high)
Move back to Rotation - Merkin Valdez (He has to dominate in relief to have any value and he simply hasn't)
Demote - James Garcia 5.73 ERA in 11 starts
Demote - Jeff Peterson 5.68 ERA
Demote - Matt Anderson (8.10 ERA I was intrigued by his signing because he was a #1 overall draft pick a while ago and he must have good stuff because he strikes out a batter an inning, but its all about control, his walks are and always have been out of control, some time with the pitching coach at Connecticut might do him good because supposedly he is a specialist; if it doesn't work its time to cut him loose)
Demote - Alfredo Simon (6.75 ERA in 10 starts. I remember this guy was supposed to be good but he's never really shown it and his peripherals aren't any good either)
??? - Yamid Haad (Is he suspended for drug use? I think I remember reading that and he hasn't played in a while but he's still on the roster)


Call Up - Pat Misch (1.82 ERA This one frustrates me the most, with all the pitchers struggling in AAA why not give Misch another crack?)
Call Up - Matt Palmer (1.46 ERA This kid has been good as a swing man for the last few years and has never seen AAA; Give him a shot!)
Call Up - Billy Sadler (2.45 ERA 30 K's in 22 innings)
??? - EME (He's dead isn't he...his shoulder exploded and the shrapnel killed him didn't it...crap...I had a brother got it the same way a few years back)

High A:

Call Up - Justin Hedrick (1.60 ERA 45 K's in 33 innings)
Call Up - Brian Anderson (1.44 ERA 37 K's in 31 innings)
Call Up - Thomas King (2.62 ERA his ERA is nice but his peripherals are pretty poor, especially the BB's. But he's we signed him out of the independent league and he's a submariner...which is cool.)
Call Up - Nick Periera - (2.11 ERA in 12 Starts, drafted out of UCSF and he's awesome!)
??? - Craig Whitaker (He's dead...I knew it...crap again.)
Call Up - Marcus Sanders (He's struggling, reports that he's still building muscle after injury but maybe a change of scenery will reinvigorate him, Sickels says he's not worried about him. Also it would give Johany Abreu more playing time)

Low A:

Call Up - Osiris Matos (2.51 ERA Repeating league and dominating since converted to relief 44 K's 7 BB's in 32 bonus's for kick ass name)
Call Up - David Quinowski (1.67 ERA 40 in 37 Innings)
Call Up - Ryan Shaver (2.35 ERA in 12 starts though his peripherals aren't that great)
Call Up - Anthony Contreras (Absolutely no power but his average is to good to ignore especially with the anemic numbers being put up by almost every hitter at higher levels + teammate of Frandsen's at San Jose)
Call Up - Michael Mooney (Numbers all around nice 300 avg. 7 HR's + extra points for name alliteration)
Call Up - Antoan Richardson ( He's really fast...really fast, and it seems as though his bats been on the rise a bit lately, maybe a shot at the more hitter friendly Cal league will give him a shot in the arm)

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