Hot Stove Show, KNBR 12/7

Notes from the show, available off if you want a listen.

Biggest news:  Giants seriously pursuing Zito


  •  Damon Bruce says he spoke to some Giants officials with knowledge of the situation and supposedly the Giants are still hot after Barry Zito.
  •  JT Interview:  what's he's going to do for Giants
  •  Dave Fleming calling in:
  •   -  Agrees with fans wondering how much better did the Giants get while losing Alou and Schmidt
      -  Heard from a Giants official that the Giants interest in Zito is very strong, heard this from a reliable source.  Interest is very serious, but obviously not a sure thing, depends on how bidding unfolds.
      -  Crazy what overpay means now, better to pay for quality like Zito than average level players.  He is not the best pitcher out there but will be paid like it, however, he is one of the top pitchers around.

    *  Todd Linden interview:
      -  Playing winter league in Puerto Rico for Mayaguy team.  Hitting .373, 4th highest in league, 20 games, 15 runs, 67 ABs, 25 hits, 4 HR, 16 BB.
      -  Came down to get ABs and to stay in shape
      -  Want to get a good approach, get good pitches to hit.
      -  Bochy did call him, but missed each other
      -  Home is near Seattle, WA, going back soon for Christmas

    *  Duane Kuiper interview

    This confirms the rumors that the Chronicle noted about Giants seriously seeking Zito.

    I hope that they are serious about chasing Zito, but does it strike anyone else as weird that there is so much news about who the Giants are pursuing?  Usually most of this is kept on the down low until we are close to getting the player.  I wonder if this was all PR that the Giants did to show to the fans that they are trying but not succeeding to sign young players.

    I also wonder if this could be pay back to Boras for the Villalona incident.  Boras was threatening to sue the Giants over it but then suddenly went silent after being hot and heavy.  It could have been because it would have been suicide to sue a possible client over a deal gone sour, killing any chance of representing another Latin player.  But maybe the Giants agreed to "pursue" Zito to give Boras leverage in the actual bidding, as payback for not being sued for Villalona?

    Just a fleeting thought, who knows...  :^)  

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