Giants Hot Stove League Nov 30 on KNBR: Damon Bruce Needs to Read Here Daily

Broadcast available for now on under their Sights and Sounds section in middle of the webpage (its a javascript link so I'm not sure how to link to it from here)  Damon Bruce and Dave Fleming host.

Have to get this off my chest first:  among Damon Bruce's first statements is that he wonders why the Giants haven't made a bigger effort to sign some players now, like Feliz and Hillenbrand, in order to secure some spots.  

@*#!#$!#%!  Don't be the host of the Giants Hot Stove League show and say something stupid like this!!!!!  If he all he did was read the SF Chronicle and SJ Mercury daily, or better yet, read HERE, he would know why:  Feliz's agent was asking for the world and after bragging about the interest in his client, came back, hat in hand, hoping the Giants would sign Feliz for one year at $4M.  Besides which, if he read any of the threads here, he would know how bad Feliz (and Hillenbrand) really is.

Dave Fleming was great, he clearly disagreed, but did it so diplomatically, simply stating that Feliz is not that good a hitter and the Giants are making a good faith effort to improve the team, not settle.  Plus I think he later noted that Hillenbrand clearly did not play well here and the team was disappointed, so while they had interest to sign him originally, that has waned.  

My notes, for those who don't have the time or don't care to listen:

  •  Dave was asked what his thoughts on Bonds was.  He thinks he is returning but not inevitable yet, clearly the Giants are searching elsewhere and not making him a priority.  However, with each signing of a big bat to another team, Bonds look closer and closer to returning.
  •  Dave does not think Schmidt is returning, though that's not set in stone yet.  He felt Schmidt had a problem with Felipe for a number of years now, but obviously he's gone now.  Says the Giants are thinking that Cain has the skills to take over as the ace of the staff, though he won't replace Schmidt necessarily.
  •  Bruce Bochy interview.
  •  Bruce and Brian speak daily, to give his input.  He would not go into specifics, so I assume that he has minimal power over shaping the roster, though I'm sure he can make suggestions or show interests.
  •  About how he treats young pitchers, he thinks that the most important thing is to let them know that they have the manager's support.  He then lists all the young pitchers he handled on the staff last season:  Peavy, Young, Meredith, Hensley.  For the future, he's a pitching and defense type of guy.
  •  About Lincecum, Dave notes that he heard from sources that Lincecum will get a chance to make the team in Spring Training, then asks Bochy for his thoughts.  Bochy says that it depends on the situation.  Specifically about Tim, Bochy thinks he's a tremendous talent.  His philosophy is that he would like to see the kid get used and develop, but players adjust at different speeds, and some are slow, like Dustin Hermanson.  Then he notes that Lincecum is above average in tools and makeup, from what he hears.
  •  About Matheny, Dave notes that here's two old catchers, must have a lot to talk about, have they spoken.  Bochy says he has, but don't know where he is yet in his recovery.  Want to work with him but health comes first.  Hopefully Matheny will come in during spring training and they will see where he is.
  •  Bochy apologizes for not giving many answers but notes that things should clear up regarding the roster over the next two weeks, particularly after the GM meetings.
  •  Lastly, Dave Fleming afterward notes that Bochy gave a good answer to his question about young pitching, then notes the other big question for Bochy is that it is clear that the team will be lacking HR power and may need to generate runs, so how does he see that happening.  Obviously, things will become a little clearer after the GM meetings.
  • Sorry if the notes are off or jumbly, but I just listened to it once and wrote furiously, but I think I got the gish of everything.  There were other questions asked by callers later in the show but none were interesting enough for me to take notes.

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